Well done, Günther

The show must go on

"Have you seen me by Kerner on Thursday? Boy, was I good." Von Oettinger- Ghostwriter Sebastian Gehrmann

Have you seen me by Kerner on Thursday? Boy, was I good. But that is really easy. I tell you something. When you are a politician and you get into trouble and you have bad knocklines in the newspapers, I have a good advice for you: Go to Kerner. He has velvetgloves. My mother in law loves him. My wife also.

You are always sitting in one boat with JBK.

There was a lot of noise going through in the paperforest the last days. So I have phoned Kerner and I told him that I have to pimp my popularity. The schedule was perfect. Before my entry Kerner was tasting nasty food and he jumped into icy water. Everybody was disgust. The field was ordered. I was ready for a great show.

You must know. I was kettledruming vacubi… vucibe… vocabularies the last days and I said to Kerner during our preperation talk before the show, that we can make the interview in english. He was al little bit nervous and after a few moments I knew why. Kerner can not speak english. I did not understand just one of his questions, so I startet to make fun of him. He gets more and more mad. At the end of the interview Kerner was so angry that he screams: "I can not allow that everybody does here as he pleases."

What he means I know in the evening when I was sitting in front of the TV in my homeland Baden-Württemberg. My scene was cut off the show. Instead of me there was a lady sitting next to Kerner. She I have never seen before. All I can say about her is that her german was awful.

I will kettledrum now more and more for my english.

For that, I give you my honours word.

Thank you much my woman and man.

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