Well done, Günther

The olddifference ist no problem

"Today I like to speak about a thing, that allways much too short comes for louder labour: women. " Von Oettinger- Ghostwriterin Tanja Kokoska

Today I like to speak about a thing, that allways much too short comes for louder labour: women. Thereby are women the beautifullst thing in the world, not only in my homeland Baden-Württemberg, but there specially. Without overexercise I can say, I have the all-all-all-beautifullst woman get, I know also not, with what I earned such much luck.

My Friederike is many years younger as I, but the olddifference is absolutely no problem. In the opposite - I know, that many men want to have a younger woman, but most think: I can never get one, because I am too old or too ugly or too poor or all together. These men say I: No, you can! The age or the exterior or the money are not important - look at me, I am the best example. We old men are all sitting in one boat, and anywhere in the flood of young women is the right one for everybody.

Now, what is so special about my Friederike, upseen from her age? She is, how one today says, a Powerwoman, has her own fulltimejob, which she makes very professional and that’s why she understands, that I am so often underway. But she is also a family-human, cooks very good Cheese-Sparrows and Mouthbags. I mostly like the ones with pigmeat, but this only at the edge. One of the main things, why I love Friederike so much, is that she throws no money out of the window. She buys her balldresses always in Ditzingen - under 300 Euro! There can Michelle Obama not with hold. And everywhere we are the couple of the evening, a total new experience for me.

Brussels pleasures her very much, whereby she first one time here was and I must add, that we didnt’ come out of the hotelbed.

When I am asked if soon the weddingbells ring, than I always answer: A new love is like a new life - with or without a ring!

Thank you much my Woman and Man.

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