Together To Baku? No, that was last season, when Eintracht Frankfurt showed Chelsea, where the hammer hangs. And now, dear Readeresses and Readers? Together to Gdansk!


The englishest week

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Eintracht Frankfurt plays first against the FC Arsenal from London, England, and then against the most english club of the Bundesliga, Borussia Theremouth.

Dear Readeresses and Readers, sometimes you wake up, and then falls it you suddenly again in: Oh man – it’s yes english week! Englisher can a week yes overmain not be! And when a week such totally english is, then will I write my column naturally in english language. That is yes well honour thing.

Good, that Günther Oettinger, the former King, no, Ministerpresident of Bathing-Württemmountain and later EU-Commissioner, taught us how to speak and write good English. Thank you Günther! We are sitting all in one boat! And now back to the sports.

Why is this the englishest week ever? Because Eintracht Frankfurt plays first against the FC Arsenal from London, England, on Thursday and then on Sunday against the most english club of the Bundesliga, Borussia Theremouth. The Borussia is so english – they have even an english anthem to sing before the kickoff in their home games: „Jupp never walk aloohooone“.

But that’s snow from tomorrow. Today goes it around Arsenal and nothing else. Just like Chelsea in the last season, Arsenal is almost unreachable for us, invincible in a way. Arsenal has such much money and such good players – that is a total other world. A number too big for us, actually. Just think, for example, about Aubathingsbums, uhm, how did he … ah yes: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. What a football player! What a top scorer! And what a tofall: He played for the german english club before, that we meet on Sunday.

Okay, Arsenal may be very good. But Chelsea was even better last season. Chelsea won the Uefa Europa League. And you know exactly, the Eintracht almost threw Chelsea out of the competition. We showed them in the semi-finals, where the hammer hangs. Where the Bartel the Most fetches. We played them formally against the wall. Say we it, how it is: We had Chelsea on the edge of the offground – we just forgot to give them the final push. Sebastien Haller had twice the chance to kick them over the Harz … and formasseled it. What a pity. Now he is no longer an eagle. Ergo, how the Latiner says: This time we would really win.

What comes thereto: Arsenal lost the final against Chelsea house high. Everybody knows: We would have beaten Arsenal in the final too. So we beat them now at home even higher. That is yes clear like dumpling broth. And when the referee whistles us an eleven-meters, Hinti and Gonco just won’t shoot. Very easy.

The only thing that makes some of us a little bit unsafe: There is no more buffalo herd by the Eintracht. Not even one buffalo. But know you what? We don’t need no buffalos no more. We are Eagles! May other clubs fly with aeroplanes, may they fly Emirates – we have wings of our own. And in the Forest Stadium will anyway nobody beat us. Let’s sing: Shoot one more goal / The opponent in the box into / Everybody will say / Without asking / In this beautiful city on Main / Eintracht from Frankfurt / You manage it again / European Cup winner to be.

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